Lazy Mop Slippers (4 Pairs)

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Stop wasting your precious time dragging out the dust pan and broom! These Lazy Mop Slippers are comfortable enough to wear every day and they'll sweep up those dust bunnies for you while you shuffle back and forth from the couch to the fridge, down the hall to the bedroom then back! Just do whatever it is that you do each day and these handy, mop slippers will do all the work for you as you go about your daily routine! They're perfect for bachelors, college students and obsessive multi-taskers, and they fit most adult feet.

[Package Includes]: 4 Pairs of shoes covers (Set of 8) with 4 different bright colors( Blue, Green, Purple and Orange), Easy to sperate which color for which job. Also a wonderful gift for everyone, Especially for pet owners!

The Lazy Mop Slippers are made with soft microfiber to attract dust and dirt and hold onto it!