Portable Mobile iMiniMic

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  • Enhance your voice while video calling or internet chatting
  • Compatible with iOS/Android, iPhone, laptop & PC
  • Excellent sound quality with little attenuation
  • 4 ft long cable, so you can talk while the phone is far away
  • Made of durable alloy
  • Available in 4 colors


Now, you can use our Portable Mobile iMiniMic microphone as your own personal, all-in-one Mobile Studio! Lift up your voice and sing wherever and whenever you want! The Portable Mobile iMiniMic is specially designed to be compatible with your IOS/Android phone, iPhone, your tablet, laptop and your PC. It's the perfect little gadget for any amateur artist who loves to sing and rehearse song lyrics and it's so much FUN to use! So go ahead and sing to your hearts content with this easy to use, plug and play, all-in-one, Mobile Studio!

Small and absolutely adorable, this mini microphone is only 58mm (2.3") long and very easy to install. Simply plug it in and use this mini, handheld condenser microphone to record or chat online. It links directly to your electronic equipment and you don't have to install any drivers. Use it anywhere, and at anytime, without needing an external power supply. 

This high-quality microphone is super lightweight and easy to take with you, wherever you go. It provides excellent quality sound for phone calls, internet chatting, vocal recording, etc. and it's perfectly compatible with all windows PC. This mobile mic features a metal body, a metal grill and a permanently attached cable, for plugging in. 


High Quality Materials

Size: 1.8 cm x 6 cm long

Line Length: 1.2 meters (approximately 4 ft. long)

Material: Alloy

Comes in your choice of 4 cool colors; Silver, Rose Gold, Blue and Hot Pink